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Prima Vera Music

What is the best method to teach children music?

At Junior Music School (“JMS”), we try to answer this question with every new student.

We believe that there is no learning without having the passion for what we are learning. JMS has developed a new method to approach to teaching children music that start from developing their interest in music and helping it to grow during the sessions together. We call it “Prima Vera Music”.

Prima Vera is an Italian concept and literally translates as the “first truth”; it also means “spring”. Our goal is to spring and develop the passion for music in all our students.

PrimaVera Music is based on two key points:

  • To develop passion, it is very important that the teachers are passionate themselves about what they are doing. This is our first value and something we are committed to. At JMS, you will find young but experienced musicians passionate about music and love teaching
  • Our second pillar is built around our students. Our passion starts with something we like. In our sessions, students learn at first the songs or tunes they like the most; then we teach them the music behind it. Within a few classes, they will be able to play the songs that make them feel happy and that “makes sense” to them – pop, rock, classical, movie themes etc. Whatever tune it is that your child is most interested in, we show him/her how to play it. So no anymore boring or old fashion tunes that doesn’t sound like “music” to the new generation, but only music that sounds good to them and that they can relate to. We make music accessible and easy from the very first lesson, making everyone confident and capable to play any song that they want, thereby . We believe that by developing the confidence in children to playing the music that they like will ultimately boost the passion to learn more and better.

Junior Music School, follow your heartbeat.

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