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Prima Vera Music
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What is the best method to teach children music?

At Junior Music School (“JMS”), we try to answer this question with every new student.

We believe that there is no learning without having the passion for what we are learning. JMS has developed a new method to approach to teaching children music that start from developing their interest in music and helping it to grow during the sessions together. We call it “Prima Vera Music”.

Prima Vera is an Italian concept and literally translates as the “first truth”; it also means “spring”. Our goal is to spring and develop the passion for music in all our students.

JMS never stop!
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JMS is ready for a new exciting year of music and fun. We will welcome you all in a new safe and friendly environment with open space rooms, periodically clean of instruments and all the necessity to make the music learning experience fun and completely secure. 

We have been working to give the best experience in children music education, following our unique teaching method (Prima Vera) your child will learn not only how to play an instrument but also developing passion and growing interest for music.

Not only music classes. We are proud to offer new free workshop for parents, including “how music works” and “how children learn” for those who would like to understand more about and all-around music. 

JMS is also preparing the next children Concerts and band assembly! 

Junior Music  School courses:

Guitar – Violin – Piano – Singing – Drums

Workshop for Parents
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Do you have a child who is learning a musical instrument, but you don’t know much about music and don’t know how to help?

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